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These were my recent beauty purchases and I also couldn’t resist to buy the cutest bracelet from Bimba Y Lola, I’ll show you in a different post.




This is the amazing Beauty Blender, I gotta tell you, this is one of the most surprising things I’ve ever purchased, it’s a little sponge that can work miracles. There’s no point in starting the whole “it’s an almost 20€ sponge” discussion, yes it’s expensive so I always take advantage of promotions to buy it for less but I don’t regret a single euro spent on this beauty accessory. I have used it with multiple foundations and it always gives me the perfect finish, I simply don’t see the foundation on my skin, it completly blendes it and I don’t feel it absorbs too much product. There’s also another big discussion around this because most people argue that there’s a lot of “dupes” outhere for far less money, I still haven’t tried any so I can’t tell you how they work. I haven’t been tempted to buy one because when I find one I give them the “squeeze / bouncy test” and not one sponge has passed it, most of them are just too stiff.

I had a pink one but I started to feel that, despite washing it frequently, there were some spots that didn’t disappear and you don’t want to use a BB for too much time (they recomend 6 months I used it for a year) because they can accumulate bacteria. I’ve read that there’s a difference between the black BB and the pink BB but I felt none, actually the only difference is that the pink one lost most of it’s color with the first washes and the black one didn’t.



This is the product that got me more excited – L’óreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. I was so curious when Lâncome launched their cushion foundation and in a while and it was a massive hit. This cushion system  was inspired by the “korean beauty” trend that swept the make up and beauty world. I’m not that familiar with the advantages of having your foundation embeded in the sponge but I like it’s practicality for transport and for retouches on-the-go. The product is great, like my other L’óreal foundation, it blends perfectly and has a light coverage (just how I like it) that you can build it to a medium coverage. The finish is very natural not too dewy not too matte. My only fear is that it can dry very quickly if you’re not careful and always close the lid of the package correctly.


Finally this Essie nailpolish in the color “Splash of grenadine” – a purple magenta, that I have to say really disappointed me, I love the color but it has very little pigment, you have to apply three coates to make it totally opaque. it’s the first time this has happened to me with an Essie Polish and I hope it will be the last.

What have you been buying? I have a sales post coming up soon with all my purchases.


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