3 X Spring

Have you ever heard about the “rule of three”? It suggests that things that come in threes are funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than any other numbers of things (or so wikipedia tells me). I’m one to follow rules time and again so I’ve decided to give you three favorite spring pieces from my favorite shops.


Body          /          Jumpsuit          /          Sandals

This white ruffled shirt is actually a body, yes a body. That means that you’ll be able to wear it under skirts or pants without feeling stuffed. Amazing! Next on my Mango list is this uber-cool army green jumpsuit that has  “Top Gun” vibes all over it, just imagine it with the white sandals, wow right? Btw, these Céline look-a-like sandals will make every look you put together feel special. Go for them!


Shirt          /          Sliders          /          Trench

I miss Stradivarius despite being the ugly duckling of the Inditex group, but if you look closely you can always find great pieces. Just check this trench out, a classic but full of special details like the sleeve tie or the belt. The red vichy/gingham/check print, or whatever you wanna call it, oversized shirt is simultaneously a basic and trendy piece that can make a simple outfit go a long way. Finally, the cute jute gingham sliders with a tie trim are just casual perfection.


Jumpsuit          /          Jeans          /           Sandals

This polka-dot red jumpsuit is not the easiest piece to wear, you’ll stand out in a mile, but you’ll be a fashion sight. Same thing can be said for the flared jeans, but they are the jeans of the season. The suede strappy sandals are the most muted item on this list but still worthy of a place in my closet.

Skirt (not yet available)            /          Blazer          /          Mules

Zara’s flower prints are always lovely but this season I’m more into their stripes and checked pieces. This skirt is just fashion perfection, it combines the biggest trends of the season in one item (red, stripes, ruffles, uneven hemlines) but still feels balanced. The over-oversized blazer inspired by Balenciaga’s amazing SS17 collection, is one of those must haves for fashionistas. Finally, the kitty heel silver mules can take you anywhere you want.

Swimsuit          /           Jacket           /             Bag

This swimsuit is not meant to be worn at the beach, wear it with high waisted mom jeans and go for a nice brunch. Pair it with this off-white denim jacket and your life will be happier. The suede bag with rose gold details is just the icing on the cake.

T-shirt             /            Kimono           /          Shoes

Last but certainly not least, Bershka always makes my inner teenager feel good. I wish Bershka was this cool when I was growing up. This red kimono is a must, I could wear it all summer. The Metallica t-shirt makes me wonder if they’re having money issues because they clearly sold their soul to Inditex, every brand of the group has their t-shirt (remember this?). The black suede mid-heel sandals are one of those items I have trouble believing it’s from Bershka, don’t they look like something you would find at Zara or even COS? You can trust these sandals to make you look and feel cool.


Did you add any of these items to your wishlist? Let me know!



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