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shopping tips_0Shopping is not brain surgery, it is actually pretty easy, you just need MONEY + SHOPS + TIME but smart shopping is another thing, being able to L-O-V-E everything you’ve bought without getting bankrupt. These are some of the rules that I’ve imposed on myself when I shop.


Online shopping is something I do only when I’m not able to find what I want in stores, I need to feel the fabrics and I hate waiting for the clothes to arrive, but despite that I spend a lot of time scrolling trough online stores, looking at the new collection, looking at the promotions, comparing styles and prices. This is importante because the physical stores are made to make you feel dispersed and unfocused, they hope that you make some spontaneous and irrational decisions and leave the store with as many things as possible. Who hasn’t felt in love with so many things on the website but when you arrive at the store you just can’t make a decision because your senses are overloaded with colors, music, people.

Now I go prepared, I have a “Wishlist” board in my Pinterest page where I save items that I love and when I arrive at the store I get my phone and check what I saved on the board. You will make better decisions if you enter the store with something in mind.


When choosing something to buy really, really consider how that item will fit into your lifestyle, do you feel that the sequined jacket will be worn more then once? Will you wear this top on a day-to-day basis when you always have to be careful with the amount of cleavage it shows? It’s important to be very realistic, you want to be comfortable and you want to be able to wear the clothes in multiple ways or it’s a waist of money.


When in doubt you should give yourself some time to think about it. Either go and see other stores or go home and return another day, if you can’t stop thinking about it then return to the store and buy it but, again, be sure it’s not just an obsession, make sure you really love it but also need it. I used to think it was better to buy it, take it home and think about it without running the risk of being sold out, but most of the times I would en up going back to the store and returning it. I would never asked for a refund, I would just trade it for something else and end up spending the money on something else. Respect your money, don’t buy clothes just because you feel like you need something new.


You know that colorful print top that is the first thing you see when you enter the store? Well, it is beautiful but it can also be very tiring, statement pieces can make your all outfit but they are extremely hard to wear in different ways because they always steal the spotlight. You end up always pairing them with basics, jeans, black skirt, black coat, and you will feel that you are always dressed the same way. You will grow tired of it very quickly and there goes your investment…

What are your tips, share them with me, I need them…


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