A case for the sandals with socks trend

This post is a case for the sandals with socks styling trend. Yes, I’m finally understanding how socks can be the stars of the entire look, if they’re worn with sandals even better.

Something great about New York is that you’re surrounded by people actually dressing like some of your favorite bloggers. We’ve all had this thought when we see bloggers OOTD photos: “oh please, she doesn’t wear that to pick up some coffee or to go on the subway”, actually she probably does. All around the city styles diverge but you’re always surprised because you actually see those styling eccentricities you’re only used to seeing on editorials or blogs. People actually wear velvet sandals with glitter socks and they actually look f***** great! I really never felt I would ever appreciate seeing socks being such a prominent element of a look. I’m that person that goes between black tights and black socks that I actually prefer to not wear or show, so on most of my winter looks I just wear those little ankle socks, that was my thing. Short pants and no socks with great chelsea boots, that’s my happy place. Portugal Winter’s allowed me to go “bare ankle” everyday but now it’s a different story. I’m writing this post while wrapped up on my blanket with my hoodie and furry socks on (fashion statement anyone?), the time for bare ankles has ended, I’m embracing socks.

Like pretty much every trend around you I first rejected this sock styling trend until I started to see it EVERYWHERE. Cool moms with clogs and socks, Leandra Medine with her platform sandals and bright socks and loads of girls with short jeans and statement socks (neon, stripes, glittery and fishnet) with sneakers and loafers. Not only looks interesting but I have to say that it looks comfy as hell. I’m going for it, I just wish I hadn’t left most of my sandals and shoes back at home.

You still don’t believe me? Just take a look at these looks and your next purchase will be a cool pair of glittery socks.

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