A geisha army

Delpozo is not a mainstream brand, they define themselves as a prêt-a-couture house and this is understandable when you appreciate the intricate details of construction, silhouette and embroidery in this RTW collection. Delpozo gave us a romantic, colorful and feminine looks where he played with volume, textures and embeleshiments resulting in a memorable show that made me want to buy embelished silk gloves ASAP.

The collection presented yesterday at NYFW is just another example of Josep Font, creative director since 2012, exercising his artistry. What a show… the first photo I saw was on NOWFASHION and it showed all the models in their voluminous kimonos looking so strong while wearing pastel pinks and yellows. I just had to take a look at the collection immediately and this is rarely the case when we’re talking about Delpozo. I Iove their “artsy” collections but at NYFW I tend to look out for Coach, Wang, Proenza and so on.

I can imagine so many people questioning the “wearability” of these clothes, like Amelia Diamond wrote at MAN REPPELER, but that is definitely not the point of so many collections presented at fashion weeks.

Who cares if you look good in super wide pants or calf boots if they are so pretty to look at. Sometimes clothes are like paintings on the wall, you place them there so that people can appreciate them and you wear the clothes for the same reason. Nevermind if you look fatter or shorter, the right people (the ones that have opinions that matter to you) will undestand why you chose to sacrifice your “so-called” elegance in favor of really cool pants or shoes. Almost all of the looks of this Delpozo collection are meant to be appreciated with this in mind.

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