A oversized blazer

A oversized blazer or what I wore for “happy hour” Margaritas last friday!

This navy blue oversized blazer from Zara Studio collection has been on my closet for a while but I just couldn’t find a moment to wear it. I guess I wore too many blazers a few years ago, when the blazer was a indispensable piece in your closet (remember 2012?). I was over it and then Balenciaga and Vetements came along with their oversized masculine blazers and “click” – I was into the blazer again. This one is really oversized, although you can’t tell in these pictures. It has that “you wore your fathers blazer” look to it, it was a great sales find. Now that the weather is starting to let us wear only one layer under our jackets it was time to bring it out. This day it was abnormally hot so I decided to pair the blazer with this very cool nude body from H&M. I can already tell I’ll wear it a lot, it’s simple but cool, everything I want for summer.

That’s it, the anatomy of a cool, simple and relaxed look.


Blazer / ZARA (similar here)           Sunglasses / ZARA (similar here)          Body / H&M          Belt / H&M          Necklace / CINCO

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