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Looking for a new face powder? They’re the best way to finish up your make and ensuring that it lasts all day.

First let’s talk about my rule when it comes to face powders or finishing powders, they should be the exact tone of your skin or translucent. DO NOT use your bronzer as a face powder, please. Second, you should find out the type of finish the powder has so that you can choose the one that will be a better suited for your type of skin (oily /dry). There are powders that will leave a slight sheen, those are better for dry or dull skin. If you have oily skin you should definitely make sure you have a mattifying finish but please be careful, this is when it gets triky, you should make sure it leaves you face matte but not totally dull, healthy skin does not look absolutly matte, it’s bright, so if you want to look natural choose a good powder that won’t make your skin look dead.



I’ve said it a million times, Hourglass make the best face powders of all kinds (bronzers, blushes and finishing powders), nothing more to add. They’re the best. The Too Faced powder has amazing reviews, it’s supposed to be translucent and really, really fine. There’s also a looose powder version. The Chanel Les beiges has been on my make up wishlist for a while, again it’s supposed to leave your skin with that healthy glow. The Rimmel Stay Matte is a hit, it’s the least expensive powder here and one of the most reveared, it’s so good that Lisa Eldridge uses it on multiple tutorials.


Kiko has a new range of products that I’ve really enjoyed and this powder looks promissing, it’s baked and it’s one of those finishing powders that won’t steal the life out of your skin. Loose powders, like this one from Laura Mercier, are a sure way to guarantee a natural result because they won’t show up on your skin since they are so fine. Yes, they’re a mess but totally worth it. I have a loose powder from Laura Mercier for the under eye are and I love it. MAC‘s powders are also the best, I especially love their baked powders. This Bourjois healthy balanced powder is also a big hit among beauty bloggers and Lisa Eldridge. It’s translucent and infused with ingredients that will make your skin healthier, that’s a 2 in 1, it’s also one of the least expensive options so that makes it 3 in 1.

Hope this was useful!



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