Black and White

Sometimes a black and white outfit is the answer to all of those morning doubts about what to wear.

Going for a black and white head-to-toe look is as easy as drinking water. When the sky is grey I just can’t help it but go grey as well. On this particular day I was clearly pretending it wasn’t cold outside, the way I do that is to choose thermo tights and some warm undershirts. This shearling lined jacket from Mango also helped with the cold but it made it impossible for me to bend my elbows but hey, who needs to do that. It was a straight arms kind of day.

This knotted skirt has been seen a lot of times in a lot of places, it was one of those hit pieces from Zara. First I resisted it for a while exactly because everybody had it and that made it less special but I followed my rule that I talked about here. If something doesn’t leave my mind for a while, even if it’s all over my Instagram feed, then I know that it has a place in my closet. It’s a cool design piece that it’s pretty easy to wear so I feel it was a good decision despite being a cliché.

Jacket / MANGO Sales (similar here)           Skirt / ZARA Sales

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