The Blue Striped Shirt

For the second season in a row the blue striped shirt is going to be everywhere. 

Invest in a great blue striped shirt or blouse and your mornings will run smoother. This print works great in an office but in my opinion, even better on a casual day-off. Just go to Pinterest and research this baby to find out the multiple ways people are wearing it on the streets. Forget all the rules, you can mix it with color, with other prints, with denim and even pinstriped bottoms. Go all in! Last year I bought a loose fabric blue striped shirt from Zara that I wore to exhaustion and now I’m considering sending it to the “shirt graveyard”. I wore it has it was meant to be worn, as a plain shirt, as a sort of light coat over dresses and tops and tied around the waist just for fun. This season I’m going for a more structured shirt with some special design detail like a knot, ruffles or a embroidery.


The J.W.Anderson knotted top is incredible, as everything the man does, but the Zara shirt with the round silver cufflinks also warms my heart.

 Are you going for this trend?

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