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Brand allure segment is back with a cult favorite beauty brand – Glossier!

Two weeks ago I was walking through the meatpacking district on a lovely sunny afternoon when I saw Emily Weiss. She’s the founder & CEO of Glossier, a online-only beauty startup. If you were a fan of the MTV reality shows and, like me, you loved to watch “The Hills” you might remember Emily, she was a Vogue assistant portrayed as a villain but we all know how those shows worked. Anyway, I actually didn’t even remember she was on that show, I just knew her as the woman behind Into the Gloss. You can imagine my excitement, I’ve been a follower of Emily’s blog (now website) for a while and when she launched Glossier that infatuation just grew.


If you haven’t heard about any of this I’ve been talking about then I urge you to explore Into the gloss because that’s where everything started. ITG started as a beauty blog, I dare say, “the beauty blog”. Now it’s much more then that, in their own words, it’s a “website dedicated to beauty that explores the routines of inspiring women.”  Into the gloss became the meca of beauty websites, the place you could find compressive reviews of products, interviews with inspirational women where they showed you what products they had in their Top Shelf and also the place you could reflect upon the modern concept of beauty and everything it entails.

After reaching a huge level of success and respect from the industry, Emily took a daring new step. Imagine that the people responsible for a hugely successful website that compared, reviewed, and determined best-sellers in the beauty industry got together with all of those skin/cosmetic specialists that they met along the way and just decided to create a skincare line based on all of those complaints, preferences and likes of their millions of followers? Is this not an excellent idea? It is, it’s called Glossier.



Again, in their own words:

“Glossier was created by a group of beauty editors that have (literally) tried everything out there and know what works. We painstakingly develop the best formulas with real-life usage in mind, and put them in the chicest packaging that won’t cost you half a paycheck. We’ve created our entire lineup to work together to make you look and feel your best—the only thing you need are your fingertips.

So even if you’re new to the idea of a beauty regimen, or you’re just someone looking to make a few upgrades, we’re here for that. Think of Glossier’s beauty products as the skincare essentials you need, plus makeup you’ll actually use.”


This is it, everything you’ve ever needed in your beauty routine. Forget the huge eyeshadow palettes that you end up wearing once, or the high maintenance lipstick that stops you from talking like a normal person from fear of getting it on your teeth. Glossier is about make-up that actually works in real-life, make-up that you actually wear. Also, forget about the million complex serums and creams, everything in this brand is self explanatory. Example: if you’re suffering from depleted skin from hangovers, blasting a/c or simply because you never drink water (me, me, me) then the new Super Bounce Serum is for you. This is how things are explained to you, and for those of us that just don’t know how to identify the skin problem that they should be addressing, this type of atitude can make all the difference when deciding where to spend your money.



Glossier started with their best-seller, award winning Balm Dotcom. A “do-everything skin salve”, a sort of concentrated moisturizer for critical situations that can be applied wherever you want to but works especially great on lips, cuticles, and rough patches. After this the brand betted on the “Phase 1 Set” a carefully curated mix of skincare basics like the best-selling Milky Jelly CleanserNow “Phase 2” is going in full strength with the introduction of make-up staples. This is where the brand distinguishes itself from other similar beauty brands, their make up line truly embodies the “no make-up make up” philosophy, at least for now. Their main products consist of a Stretch Concealer that doesn’t set with a stiff, flat finish, it moves with your face for a more natural result, a Perfecting Skin Tint that will leave your skin still looking like skin and the Boy Brow, a brow product that leaves your brows looking brows fuller and more even.



The are some of their best know products that have gathered a cult following that has also represented some growing pains for Glossier, with some of products selling out almost immediately leaving fans frantic but still sticking with the brand, showing their loyalty. This is what makes glossier such a example. A company that pays attention to the details, like the stickers you get when your order a product with Glossier emojis to personalize your products and everything that surrounds you, and a company that pays attention to it’s users, with a fun open communication with their clients through social media, it also helps that the products are just so Instagram-friendly. Glossier is beauty in real life.

P.S – All this talk about Glossier gave me some huge cravings and I just placed an order. As soon as it arrives I’ll share it with you here and on Instagram (btw, you really should follow me because I have a cross eyed cocker spaniel that is the cutest thing alive and I share pictures of her all the time. Just saying…).

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