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mansur_gavriel_brand_allure_staygoldbyjv_2This brand allure is about one of my favorite accessories brands AND ONE OF THE MOST coveted – MANSUR GAVRIEL.

Mansur Gavriel is the product of the friendship and partnership between two girls: Rachel Mansur, a textile graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, and Floriana Gavriel, a fashion and photography at University of the Arts Bremen, in Germany.  These ladies met in their thirties in a concert and after realising they shared the same taste and style references they decided to create a classical  clean line of bags. With their own money they went to italian manufacterers and slowly developed a prototype of a tote bag and a bucket bag, yes “the” bucket bag that is the mother of all bucket bags.



The brand evolved in a slow but steady pace and their intentions were very clear – a small company with a limited range of products, amazing atention to detail and self-promoted attitude. They advertised the brand exclusively on their own social media platforms. I strongly recommend you to follow them on Instagram, their account is filled with beautiful images that are like food to your eyes, their catalogs are some of the best outhere. The ideas are always star see definition of surprisingly but the result is staggering, I feel this is one of those case studies, it’s really hard to say what is it that made Mansur Gavriel such a avant-garde brand when their design feels so familiar. In a matter of months the bucket bag became a sucess, bloggers and “it girls” were spotted everywhere with the black bucket with the unexpected pop of red, from that moment on it was near impossible to buy a bag. I think that there’s also something to be said about the “sold out” / “Out of stock” strategy. Yes, this is a small brand with handcrafted products that problably isn’t able to have huge stocks and keep up with the demand but I can also concede that this was problably a strategy to control the “exclusivity factor” and the growth of the brand, it’s essential to control these factors in the luxury market. Actually, Mansur is not a luxury brand per se, they also created a sort of niche market – affordable luxury. Some brands are now positioning themselves in this new hit segment, luxury lovers don’t feel they loose status by owning these items and consumers that can’t afford four digits price tags have a chance to own great quality items.


When the brand stabilized they made another great move, they added a shoe line and different handbag models to their collection. Even with shoes they were able to have a massive hit with the same clean and classic design principle, they brought back the mules and everywhere, from H&M to Mango, copies of the sandals emerged.

Mansur Gavriel is here proving that you can have simple ideias and concepts and still revolutionize the market you’re in, reinvention is still possible.

BTW – This gorgeous baby under here is my favorite, the one I would grab in a second if I had to choose a MG bag. It’s pure love.





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