About the Colors Pink and Red

One of my favorite color combinations is having a huge moment all over the streets and runways, it’s pink and red.

I’ve been a long time friend of this unexpected almost forbidden color pairing. I don’t know how this rule that these colors shouldn’t be paired up appeared but I’m glad it’s becoming a thing of the past. These sister colors mesh together in a way that is very pleasing in my opinion, it’s instant happiness for the eyes. It’s not just on the streets that people are breaking this rule, it’s on runways. From Balenciaga’s SS17 collection to Givenchy’s Pre-Fall 17 (btw it’s an amazing collection), pink and red are together forever. Take a stand and start mixing these two colors together, January is a month that always needs color so it’s a great time to begin.


If you want to start slow then go for a blush pink and a coral red, if you want to go all in just go for a fucshia and a “ferrari red”.

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