Colour Pop First Impressions

Last week I received my first order of Colour Pop Cosmetics and I have to say that I immediately regretted not ordering more things. Why? Keep reading!

One night I was watching some videos from me favorite youtubers when someone mentioned Colour Pop. I almost smacked myself in the head; how did I manage to not order anything from them when I’ve been living in the U.S for some months now? This was always one of those brands that only beauty youtubers addicts heard about, as far as I know they are not present in any stores and they are described as beauty start-up. A small brand from California competing with the drugstore beauty category, they proud themselves on being “bunny friendly”, as they say, and on being “wallet friendly”, indeed they are. The first product I heard about from this brand were the Ultra Matte Lips, this was the first time I discovered the concept of liquid lipsticks, so for me they almost founded this now cult category. The second product I was so curious about were their famous Super Shock Shadow Pots, they look like normal eyeshadows but the texture is almost surreal. You look at them and you expect it to be a powder but it isn’t and also isn’t a cream, it’s bouncy and that makes it even more fun. The range of colors and finishes is incredible so what I did is I chose a matte caramel colour (Cornelious) I can use during the day by itself, just to deepened the eye, and a mettalic warm bronze colour (Nillionaire) for my evening look. So far I’ve been loving them but I have to say you really have to follow the instructions, to get maximum coverage these eyeshadows apply best with your finger, they also work with the brush but only to perfect the blending.

I actually decided to buy one of the lip products but a different one, I didn’t go to the Ultra Matte Lip because I really hate that drying feel so I went to the Ultra Satin Lip in the colour Toolips, a beautiful deepened plum brown. I still haven’t had a chance to wear it for a night out so I can’t tell you how it lasts but I can say that you definitely need make up remover to get it out, so that must count for something.

I’m very happy with my order and I look forward to ordering their blushes and highlighter that also have great reviews. Next time!


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