Denim is always a good idea

My love for denim is getting bigger every day, maybe because I don’t have any type of work constrictions that forbid me from wearing the “king of all casual materials” so I can all in.

I’ve been on a denim binge for a while so blogger posts about removing jeans from your life, like “5 alternatives to jeans”, simply feel bizarre for me. Why would I remove them from my life? I don’t want alternatives I want reinterpretations. I want de-constructed jeans a la Vetements, I want vintage pieces ( to explore other designs/fits and take a more sustainable approach to shopping), I want ripped of, oversized denim jackets so that I can have denim in a look on those rare occasions I go for non-jeans pants. Anyway, I’ll be living in this jacket for a while so don’t mind me.

Denim Jacket / ZARA SS17          Checked Culottes / ZARA FW16          Vynil Boots / MANGO FW16



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