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The DIY is the ultimate fashion statement. Fashion is about communicating who you are without using words or gestures, people can just look at you and get to know who you are or who you want to be in that particular day. Clothes can tell others if you have a sense of humor, if you love indie music, if you’re confidente about yourself, if you’re having a bad day or a great one. Even if you’re not that self aware when it comes to style you are sending a message, the message that you are not that aware or simply don’t care about what others might think of you.

If how you dress can express something about you then clothes that are customized by you, that become totally unique, are the ultimate statement you can make with fashion. DIY projects are the best way to achieve exclusive looks this season, following the example of so many designers like Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, betting on individuality as the best asset you can bring to the game.

Here are some ideias to make clothes your own:



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