Fall trends / Guitar straps




A fall trend to watch is the combination of guitar straps with bags. The result is amazing, your boring bags sort of turn into mini-guitars on your shoulders and what’s cooler then being a guitar player? Nothing my friends, nothing.

Given that I had the dream of being a guitar player in a folk band this trend is right up my alley. Sad and boring bag straps replaced by embroidered multicolored leather straps of pure rock and roll. Who doesn’t need that in a bag? Some extra points in your “accessories game”. A lot of major runways showed us this trend, Dior, Lanvin, Balenciaga but Valentino and Fendi did it better. Embroidered ethnic straps that transport you to a Jimmy Hendrix concert are sold separately so that you can transform any bag you own. Zara has already replicated some of these bags but I’m still waiting to see the bag straps sold separately, if you see them let me know, I’m desperate!

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