First impressions / Glossier

Remember when I told you that my own post got me craving Glossier so bad that I placed an order even before I finished writing it? It arrived last week and after some days I’m ready to share with you my first impressions. 

I wanted to try the best sellers of the brand but I also really needed a good cleanser and a good everyday lipstick. I chose the Milky Jelly Cleansera lipstick from their Generation G line in the new color “Leo” and their cult product Balm Dotcom.



I’ve only been trying these products for a few days but so far I really like everything I ordered, in fact I see myself repurchasing everything I bought.

Let’s start with the amazing Milky Jelly Cleanser, it’s a daily face wash that you can use to clean your skin in the morning, it leaves your skin looking so bright and soft that I almost feel I don’t need to apply a moisturizer, but my favorite use of the product is to remove my make-up. I take some product and I massage it in my entire face, including eyes, and this magic jelly just melts my make-up away, after that I rinse everything and I do the “towel test” and not a single stain is left on the towel. I never wear waterproof make-up, if you do then you should use and oil product before the cleanser. What I love about this cleanser is that it made the process of removing my make-up much quicker and efficient, I don’t have to use three cotton pads and then wash my face, I just use this product. If I’m wearing a lot of make-up, like I did Saturday night, I just use one cotton pad with micelar water before the cleanser just to unsure I remove everything but on normal days I don’t take this extra step. All around I just love this product and I’m definitely repurchasing!

The generation G lipstick in the color Leo was a risky purchase, some people don’t really like Glossier lipsticks either because of the package or because they feel that the finish it leaves isn’t worth the price. I totally understand these opinions because I too feel that the packaging feels too cheap for a 18$ lipstick but at the same time I feel that these critics come from people that didn’t understand the concept of the product before buying it. I knew what I was getting myself in, I knew that these lipsticks aren’t supposed to look like normal lipsticks, they are supposed to achieve a stain finish. You know when you eat cherries or drink some wine and your lip color changes but it still looks like you have nothing on? That’s a stain! And that’s exactly what I wanted. I’m one of those girls that most days goes for a no make-up look but that ends up with a brown smoky eye during the day, I just can’t help it. I love to put on some eyeshadow but I end up going overboard, what that means is that if on top of that I put a lipstick or gloss on I end up looking like I’m going on a date when I’m actually just going to the supermarket or the coffee shop. Most days, when this happened I opted for my lip balm just so I wouldn’t add another thing to my face but this lipstick solved that problem. Now I can just add this stain to my lips. I chose their new color “Leo” because I don’t own a brown lipstick and this color mixed with my natural lip color makes Leo the perfect nude color. Another thing that I love about it is that the finish is also matte, because natural lips don’t shine, but this lipstick doesn’t feel like a normal drying matte lip product, when you apply it feels like a normal balm. This is another product that I know I will repurchase in this color or others.

Finally, the cult product, the balm dotcom, a balm made out of castor seed oil, beeswax and other goodies it’s the perfect moisturizer for lips, cuticles and everything that you feel needs some extra love. It’s a simple product with a simple purpose but I’ve been using it  every day and night, before I go to bed, and my lips still feel moisturized in the morning. I will probably repurchase this as well but this time I’ll go for the flavored balm, who doesn’t need a coconut balm? I know I need everything that tastes like coconut.

In short, Glossier is in my life now, in my everyday routine.


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