My Fullproof Summer Style Formula

Finding your fullproof style formula for the upcoming season is something that can make your life so much easier.

Something I enjoy doing when seasons start to change is to set the tone for what’s coming. How do I do this? I create a Pinterest board, almost always private, with some photos of what has captivated my attention on the runways, on the streets and on shops. This board will be my reference when I’m shopping or trying to choose what to wear. It helps me to be more successful and cohesive with my purchases, but most of all it makes my life easier. I spend most of my days either talking about fashion, listening to fashion podcasts, buying and reeding fashion magazines, obsessively researching designers or trends and now going to classes and studying it. My mind is completely saturated with information and images and it makes it really hard to make sense of what I love in the midst of it all. I have these high expectations of what my look should be since I spend the hole day looking at really stylish interesting people.

This type of board is my solution to those days I’m all over the place, it keeps me centered because those images I “pinned” are just so representative of my personal style that they wash away all doubts. This really works for me, which is why I really wanted to share this. My only tips is that you try to be really honest about what you select, make sure that those clothes and styles you pinned are the type of items you would feel 100% confident wearing. For example, for me there are very little heels and body-con clothes on my summer board because I know I rarely wear them. Another tip I can give you is to try to limit your board to one style, it’s supposed to be your back-up full proof style formula, not an array of seasonal trends that will just confuse you more.

Last week temperatures were abnormally high for February and it sparked my interest in the summer collections. Obviously I’ve been browsing through them for a while but now I’m starting to buy some things here and there so it was time to create my board. This time I’m not keeping it secret, you can check it out here (follow me, since you’re in the neighborhood wink wink)!

Create yours and share it with me!


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