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Athleisure is now a word completly integrated in our daily vocabulary but is it in our closet? Here’s a great way to put your athleisure where it belongs, your legs.

I know I’m late to the game, everybody has heard about athleisure so I won’t waste your time exaplainig the difficult concept that combines athletic clothes with your leisure time. All I wask you to do is consider taking your gym pants to the street. This micro-trend is all around me, americans are know for their love of sweatsuits but trust me this is different. These jogger pants are the perfect replacement for your jeans, if you feel they would be too difficult to style my advice for you is to prepare a normal look you would wear with your favorite jeans but pick these pants instead. They work better with contrasting pieces like a silk top with a lace detail or even a structured shirt.

Let’s do this together, next time you enter a Zara near you look for these pants, they have some great ones, and just try them on with nice shoes and a cool shirt.

You never know until you try it!



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