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Let’s start this week with a subject I haven’t yet talked about on this blog – my hair routine!

Chances are that if you’ve known me for a long time you probably know I have a troubled relationship with my hair. Sometimes I love it, I accept it with all it’s imperfections and sometimes I just wish I had been born with Pocahontas hair. The best way you can understand my obsession with hair is if you know that my favorite princesses from Disney were Ariel (The Little Mermaid) with her long voluminous red hair and Pocahontas with her black shinny and straight-as-hell hair. These princesses represent my hair goals: becoming a red head and having gorgeous straight hair. I was born with what you can describe a mix of curls, frizz and blah hair, that’s the best way I can put it. On top of that you can add the fact that my hair is extremely dry and thick. It hasn’t been easy. I pretty much straighten my hair since I was about 8 years old and until I started using a hair straightener when I was 17, I wore my hair in a ponytail every single day. When I say every single day I’m not exaggerating, I was so insecure about how voluminous and frizzy it became through out the day that I had it hidden in a ponytail. It’s so bad, I wish I could turn back time and tell my teenage-self that my hair is actually pretty beautiful, I just had to learn how to take care of it. There’s this particular moment that I decided to embrace it, for all Sex and the City fans out there you’ll remember the episode where Carrie learns that Mr. Big is engaged to the “perfect girl” and she just accepts that he’s not with her because it wasn’t meant to be (at that moment) and she say’s “I’ll never be the girl with the perfect hair”. Well, that’s me! I’ll never be the girl with the perfect hair, that can let her hair dry by itself and still look beautiful. I will always need to loose an extra 10 minutes to get ready every morning and that is ok because after I go through my hair routine I’m so proud of how shinny and strong my hair looks.

Talking about hair routine, and after this long introduction, let me talk to you about a new tool in my routine that is making everything so much easier. I was recently introduced to the the brand Irresistible Me, they were so kind to send me a product to try out that I was always so curious about – a Hair Straightening Brush. Now you know that my goal is too look like Pocahontas you can understand how a new straightening brush can be so exciting. They sent me the beautiful Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush.


It’s basically looks like a brush but it’s so much more then that. The bristles on this special brush are the heating surface so while you brush your hair you’re straightening it at the same time. Since the surface is so much bigger it also makes my job so much easier because I can just use it on larger sections of hair. It has a LCD screen display that tells you the temperature, from what I’ve experienced it is very constant and it can get really high (max. 230º C / 450º F). It also has a very important auto shut-off function, I’m that person that has returned home multiple times after leaving because I thought I left the flat iron on.  For more details on this cool brush check out the website here!

Let’s try it out!



I woke up this morning with my hair very voluminous and without any shine, I can go to bed with flat hair and wake up with a “helmet” on my head so this was actually a pretty good day but not perfect yet. I brushed my hair with the Jade Brush and the volume went away along with the waves that were starting to become more and more rebellious. The Jade brush is now a new essential in my daily hair routine, especially for those days where humidity ruins my hair, I just brush it with a low temperature and the hair get’s shinier again. It also helps that it looks so good on my bathroom, the jade color is just the final perfect touch.

That’s it, perfect and easy!






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