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My latest style obsession is Haley Boyd, founder and creative director of Marais USA, one of the coolest shoe brands around.

This L.A girl has found her style and she’s not afraid to use it. It’s really hard to explain to why this girl is so stylish because when I start describing her looks the word “simple” is thrown around a lot of times. How can something so simple as jeans and a yellow striped short sleeve knit look so good? The answer is very simple, her style just breaths authenticity. Maybe she spent a lot of years trying trends around but now it’s easy to see that she knows what she likes. I just can’t wait until this happens to me, until then I’ll keep experimenting.

Haley’s looks have that relaxed feel that you probably can only get if you live in L.A but I’m planing on bringing this vibe to New York as soon as it stops raining and it gets warm enough for the rest of the snow to melt. I just need this cool, calm and collected look in my life right now. I’m adopting that “fake it til you make it” attitude, simple looks for a simple life. It’s a easy formula, buy a great pair of jeans, they’ll be your canvas. Invest in cool, neutral color blazers and jackets and then go crazy on t-shirts, striped shirts and good knits. Choose simple silhouettes with no frills and thrills.

By now you’re probably wondering if this won’t be boring as hell, to answer that I’ll direct you to “exhibit A” – the images down below. Does she look boring? ….Exacly!


Follow Haley on Instagram (@haleyboyd), the only place she posts outfit photos (yes guys, she’s not a blogger) and don’t forget to explore her beautiful shoe brand. Marais shoes have a “Patti Smith meets Jane Birkin” vibe to them, the perfect mix of the classic parisian style with a New York edge.



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