H&M Studio SS16

H&M has discovered something, unlike their biggest competitor Inditex, that does not bet on any special campaigns, you get what you see, H&M applies the opposite strategy, investing in big and distinct campaigns starred by celebrities and big models, special collaborations with high fashion designers and environmentally conscious collections.

The two “fashion giants” couldn’t be further apart when it comes to marketing strategies. H&M also has a high fashion collection called “Studio” that is limited edition and exclusive to some H&M stores and online. Yesterday this SS16 Studio collection was launched in stores and online and apparently it’s almost sold out. I noticed that when fast fashion brands use the adjectives “exclusive”, “limited edition” and “special collaboration” it creates a sense of urgency that is a synonym of  big sales. I don’t know if I like this because the last thing I need in my life is another source of anxiety, specially if it’s coming from one of my sources of pleasure in daily life. It’s a pity because I had my eye on a cool green parka they had.


h&M_studio_spring_2016_1 h&M_Studio_spring_2016_2 h&M_studio_spring_2016_3 hmstudio copy

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