How to be a Scandinavian girl

If we’re talking about style there’s one particular nationality that just gets it – The Swedes! Forget the “How to be parisian” what you really want is to be a Scandinavian girl.

Like I’ve said here before, I just moved to NY and this means that I have a new house to decorate (urah urah). I loved doing it in my previous homes but like other areas of my life I hadn’t found my own style so I experimented a lot, the result was a home with mixed styles that didn’t feel cohesive. I feel that this last year I’ve been on a self-discovering journey and I started with my favorite part – Style. You must be wondering what this has to do with the tittle of this post, well it has everything to do with it because I realised that the Scandinavian style is the one that I identify the most.

So, what’s the Scandinavian Style all about?

Well their style works like a uniform, a small number of simple staple clothes that are also thoughtful and have modern details. You’re able to style them in multiple ways with a small effort. This ideia of having a sort of uniform is probably not conscious but we know that Swedes tend to focus on practicality and eficiancy in everything that they do, just think Ikea (there’s no way I’m not referring IKEA in this post right?).

With a uniform ready to wear on the go you take down the “I don’t know what to wear” dilema. Everything you own is something you love and that works with the other items in your closet. So the recipe for success is a mix of simple designed clothes that still feel modern and noteworthy in mostly neutral colors.

By this point you’re starting to wonder if I’m talking about womenswear or menswear, with this much talk of neutrals and practical clothes, but no I’m still talking about womenswear. The other thing about this particular style is that the all around feel of the clothes is not delicate, refined or even too feminine, it’s easy to guess why, there’s no way you’ll be wearing delicate organza shirts in the middle of their tough winters. Most of the times clothes have an outwear feel with resistance fabrics, oversize design that allows you to layer-up, and big rubbered soled boots to face the snow. This rugged feel fits me like a glove and now that I’ll be facing snow-y winters I better take notes from the Swedes. These are some of the staples you need to turn into a Swedish goddess, at least I’m hoping that will be the ultimate result.


Chelsea boots, what an amazing pair of boots, especially the ones inspired be these beauties from ACNE. They’re a personal favorites (I already own the ones in the image from Mango) and they are so comfortable, versatile but they don’t feel wishy-washy.


Amazing sweaters that just look so cozy you will want to sleep in them, that what you should look for. When you’re facing such cold temperatures you need to make sure you have great quality sweaters, this means you should look for wool but if the sweater has a distinct design on top of good quality then you really need to buy it.


The Green Parka, a must have for this Winter, and a permanent item in the closet of a Swedish girl, understandably so because we can all imagine winters in Sweden, right? You need to toughen to survive it. This one if from Mango and looks so cozy, I want to live in there.


Well, black leather pants are really a staple in everybody’s closet no matter the nationality. These are extra special from Zara.  That’s it, nothing more to add…



Oversize me!! That should be your new model if you want to adopt the Scandinavian look. No bodycon clothes, forget about it!  You need a bigger size to be able to fit millions of layers underneath.


Being neutral is key! We’re still talking about Sweden, not Switzerland but the still embracing neutrals in your closet is mandatory, it’s one of the main reasons their style looks so effortless. I guess you can say fifty shades of grey/beige/white is the way to go. This jumpsuit from COS is the perfect example of a clean design in a neutral color that will elevate any look despite its simplicity.



Snow is the enemy here, you need rugged boots with rubber soles to make sure you own that b****! These Dr. Martens boots 




  1. I feel like I’ve rediscovered your blog. I’ve been loving it so much lately.
    I just love Scandinavian style all over: it’s the homes, the culture, and the clothes, of course. Love the pieces you showed today, especially the neutrals, and the amazing sweaters – they’re just perfect for this season.


    1. Thank you so much Flávia, it’s really good to know there’s someone on the other side 🙂


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