How to Find Your Personal Style

The past few months defining my personal style has been on my mind. Exploring my preferences, getting to know my sense of style and sources of inspiration is a way of gaining self-knowledge, the best type of knowledge you can get. 

Personal style goes hand in hand with your personality, character and experiences you’ve lived. It’s one of the best ways to self express because it’s visual. Vision is one of the most important senses you have to assess your surroundings. We rely so much on what we see that we should be more interested in what we wear and how it can be perceived by others. The more aware you are of your own personal style and the message that you send across the more empowered you are because you’re more accurate in the message that you want to send. Not being aware of this can mean that you’ve been sending the wrong message about yourself just by dressing in a certain way that doesn’t convey who you are. Discovering and examining your personal style will help synchronize the message and the person behind it.

Personal style is ever changing, it adapts to your experiences and everything that surrounds you, so this is an exercise you should repeat because you’ll get different answers from time to time. You will probably label your style but just be aware that you can’t be too strict in confining yourself in a specific category, you will probably identify yourself with different styles and mix them all together so use labels as adjectives but don’t let yourself be too defined by them.

These are some things you can do to help you find your personal style!



Choose any five words that describe how you like to get dressed or how you wish you would dress like. Personal style can also be aspirational.  

Tip: think about looks you’ve worn and loved, look back at your pictures of special events like a birthday party or a date and characterize those looks. Also ask your friends or family for help, how would they define the way you dress.



Take some time to look at your closet and everything you own, do the same exercise. Characterize the style of the clothes you own or the color that is more present.

Tip: concentrate on your most worn pieces, ask yourself why you like them. Also concentrate on the pieces you rarely wear, what is the reason and try to understand if there is anything in common with those pieces, for example are they all too bright or do they have prints.



Ask yourself what are your main sources of inspiration and study their style and what is it that attracts you.

Tip: think about celebrities, models, designers, bloggers or friends. However be aware of this, inspiration should never mean imitation, it should be your own truth. If you find yourself too close to a particular person sense of style you have to stop and realize that you need to find your own space, your own message. 



Do this exercise: describe an outfit you see yourself wearing everyday and that always makes you feel confident. This exercise is about your comfort zone. That is probably the look that says more about yourself and that looks better on you because you wear with determination.

Tip: to help me do this I always imagine a scenario where I have five minutes to choose a look that I would have to wear for a long time because Zombies took over the world. Forget about the practical issues of this apocalyptic scenario, just choose the look you imagine yourself in when you daydream. For me it’s leather pants, white t-shirt and Chelsea boots. Bring it on, Walkers!


Do these things and share with me your answers! I’m preparing a post where I tell you all bout my style!



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