I’m here New York!


I’m here! A new start in a new world just and just in time for the new season, now guess where? It’s NEW YORK, baby!

I’m here! First impressions? Everything is huge including the need to take it all in. It’s a new world for me but at the same time a familiar one, the city, the names, the streets and even the people. I guess globalization takes the novelty out of the experience, you’ve seen the streets and the buildings so many times in your life that it just feels nostalgic, even tough I’ve never set foot in America. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, NYFW is almost over but I still got to feel some of the atmosphere in the streets, expect a full report about it soon. I have to admit, the will to sit in front of the computer writing posts isn’t that big, I just to want to get out there and EXPLORE everything the city has to offer but at the same time I feel this platform never made more sense. I’m in the capital of fashion, walking down the streets of Soho and looking at people is like watching Scott Schuman’s photos coming alive. It’s a fashion delight.


Meanwhile, these Adidas slides were my first purchase / fashion statement in NY, when you’ve sprain your ankle 3 days before moving to the city where walking is mandatory you need support and these fugly shoes feel like I’m walking on clouds of “oh so cool” Adidas foam. Any excuse for new shoes right?


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