I’m still here

The tittle is pretty much self-explanatory.

Yeah, I haven’t forgotten about this blog I just haven’t felt like publishing anything. I’m taking my classes and although they don’t consume my days they kind of consume my need to talk about fashion. I realized I used this space to vent about subject matters that I really couldn’t discuss with anybody I knew. It’s not everybody that enjoys talking about how fashion is interpreting the current political scene or how sustainability and fashion coexist. Meanwhile I decided that the sole purpose of this blog is not to tell you how to wear an oversized blazer in different ways or to show you my sense of style (you can tell it’s basic: black outfit and white sneakers). I’ll try to only share content that can in some way inspire  you to discover your own sense of style. I’ll try to talk about different ways for you to find inspiration without resorting to the easy formulas that someone else invented. It’s like baking a cake, you can make it from scratch and learn everything that goes into it, or you can buy the pre-made cake and the frosting and just put one on top of the other. In the end, both cakes might look the same but you won’t feel as empowered by your cake creation, right? You really didn’t invest that much into it, it’s not truly yours. I feel that’s the same thing about style. You can look so good and collected but the experience won’t be empowering and fulfilling. Why jump over those steps and miss all the fun of discovering what inspires you.

However I’ll try not to loose sight of an important personal mantra, these are just clothes at the end of the day. The ones I’m wearing in these pictures are some of my favorites, like my Zara jumpsuit, I bought it three years ago and still feels so relevant today, my man’s All Saints leather jacket that he only allows me to wear as long as I don’t eat or drink anything (he knows I never learned to eat without ruining clothes) and finally my new Comme des Garçons Play Converse sneakers. Before getting them I was thinking about how I could wear them and this jumpsuit just screamed “wear me, wear me”, I went for it.





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