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JOSEFINAS – the Portuguese brand that is proving you can dream big everywhere.

You know when your hear about an idea and your first thought is- “why didn’t I think of this ?”, well this happened to me the first time I heard about the beautiful products that the Portuguese brand Josefinas creates. It’s a simple concept – nowadays women want to look and feel good while they work, run errands or take a walk around town, this means no heels, at least for the majority of women. This is when the ballet flats are called into action.

Why are these special? Well, they so clearly transpire all of the love that the designers and shoe crafters put into them. It goes like this, a girl from Oporto had a dream in a country where  dreamers are considered reckless people that should be contained. Well Filipa Araújo was one of those reckless people that doesn’t really give up until her dreams become her reality, she named the brand after another dreamer, her grandmother that took her to ballet classes when she was a little girl


Check out this interview from Filipa here

It all started with the ideia of a special ballet flat made in Portugal by the hands of experienced craftsmen with the finest materials. Naturally this wasn’t going to be easy, after all these are ballet flats, the wheel has not been reinvented here but this small brand managed to never stop growing and in a few years they were a success case. Their products belong to a new fashion market segment – “affordable luxury” and I believe what made them such a success story was the same thing that made these ballet flats so unique – their history and soul, as singular as the people behind it. All of their passion is contained in the form of a ballet flat. In this consumption driven society these are the type of products that will stand out, the ones that have a heart.

Ballet flats lead to sneakers and sneakers to a much broader audience – the “it” girls: LeandraChiara and Aimee Song are just some of the popular bloggers the brand has reached. There’s an amazing sense of proud from Portuguese fashion lovers when we see such an inspirational story, it makes you dream.






  1. Adoro o design do calçado da Josefinas, desde as sabrinas a estes modelos mais recentes. Só gostava que tivessem a opção de pele sintética, porque recuso-me a comprar calçado feito de pele de animais.


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