Let’s talk about 2017 and this blog

2017 is here! Are you ready to face the new year, I know I am!

(I think, I hope, I wish…)


I think a new year entailsĀ a great deal of self-examination and since this blog is also a reflection of my inner self it’s a good time to contemplate it’s meaning and purpose.

What is Staygold?

Easy answer: it’s a fashion journal or blog, whatever you want to callĀ it.Ā It’s myĀ space where I have an opportunity to talk about my love of fashion and style (and only that… no brunch reviews in here). Since it’s my blog I talk about fashion the way I approach everything else in life, not too seriously but seriously enough and always with a positive attitude.

Where’s it going?

I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter. It’s a genuineĀ expression of my interest in fashion and style, therefore it’s absolutely connected to my daily disposition to talk about it. Since my love of fashion is only a small facet of my whole being, this means that this blog won’t always be my priority. The past few weeks I traveled home and my priority was to enjoy the few days I had to be with my family, my friends and my dog. For this reason I had no posts. It’s very difficult for me to prepare 10 posts ahead of timeĀ becauseĀ that’s not how I like to post. IĀ don’t know what I’llĀ want to post next week, that’s not natural to me, I relyĀ onĀ my daily whims andĀ obsessions about colorful socks paired with clogs or theĀ new pre-fall collection from Public School to find inspiration for posts.

I’m an impulse blogger, my blog is connected to my personal daily or weekly thoughts. This is very difficult to reconcileĀ with a disciplined posting schedule and the traditional blogger type of content. If I don’t work in a conservative office how am I supposed to have the need to talk about office-appropriate looks? I can totally do it but not on this space.

My NYE realization is that I’m not a blogger, in the currentĀ popularĀ definition of the word. I’m someone who blogs and thatĀ loves to have people following her and reading my whims and hopefully identifying with some of them. It’s as simple as that.

If I’m not a blogger why do I have a blog?

Because I wan to andĀ I have a lot of fun doing it onĀ my own terms. Unfortunately my way is not the ideal path to become a professional and successfull blogger, and that is ok. This blog is a embodimentĀ of my love of fashion and it’s also an instrument that I hope to use to achieve my ultimate goals.Ā I’ve realized that it’s ok to do things my wayĀ and that not having the ambition to be a blogger doesn’t mean I don’t want this blog to be read and shared.

In 2017 you can expect this blog to continue to be a genuine reflection of my daily thoughts on style and fashion.Ā I’ve been guilty of not resisting the temptation to turn this blog into something that it isn’t and in those moments it felt like a burden instead of a really cool space I had to unwind. What has been very interesting to find out is that the people that actually enjoy this space have had a more positive reaction to my impulse posts, the ones that truly reflect my vision.

Now, less talking and more fashion please.




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