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Let’s demystify the conception that high end make up is foolproof and that drugstore brands should only be your second option. 

When you start to get interested in make up your first tendency is to only look at high end brands (Chanel, YSL, Lâncome, Estée Lauder or Clinique). Maybe because your mother also wears these brands so you’re familiar with them or your attracted to their prestige and you feel that you can’t go wrong. These brands definitely have years and years of experience and they work with amazing laboratories and they make sure the products have the best ingredients, packaging and fragrances, so they really are a good option. However I noticed that since I got interested in make up and I started following beauty blogs and websites like Into the Gloss, I became more aware of what products really work for me and make an actual difference. That meant that I stopped buying high end make up brands because I noticed that I got the exact same results with drugstore make up. Besides skincare, I still haven’t tried one type of product that I couldn’t find an identical twin for a quarter of the price at my local drugstore.

I have been collecting so much make up for the past two year (high end / low end) that I wanted to share this conclusion with everybody. When my friends come to me for tips on products they just get so disappointed when I direct them to a drugstore brand product, they just want to hear me say that they should buy the Chanel foundation. They probably think that I’m not taking their desire for a great product seriously but I am, I am sharing with them my realization that it’s simply not worth it. That not all drugstore foundations are good but this particular one that saves you money is amazing. There’s a distrust in these brands that can only be explained by lack of experience with make up in general.

Now, this doesn’t mean that some of my favorite products aren’t from these expensive brands but I just feel that sometimes I can’t justify buying the expensive foundation or BB cream when I get the exact same results from a Maybelline one. Obviously not all drugstore products are good but trust me, there are some really bad powders and foundations from high end brands as well. I feel that when I buy make up from L’Oréal or Maybelline and it doesn’t work I don’t get too upset but when I spend 40€ on a primer from Marc Jacobs and I feel that it does absolutely nothing to my skin or make up application I get a little upset.

Since I arrived in New York I thought Sephora would be my greatest temptation because all of the brands that they carry that are not sold in Portugal but I was totally wrong, every time I go to a drugstore or supermarket and I see the full collection from brands like Maybelline, Lóreal, Neutrogena, Nyx or Phisician’s Formula I just recognize so many products from beauty posts I read that I’ve been experimenting these brands and I’ve been confirming just how amazing these iconic products are. Now that there’s also this phenomenon of make up brands that are exclusively sold online (ColourPop and Morphe) and that have reasonable prices and amazing quality I just don’t feel at all tempted by the Chanel’s new collection, been there done that.

In conclusion, splurge when you feel like it on that gorgeous Dior blush but don’t dismiss drugstore brands because you think they have lower quality because it’s simply not true. My biggest tip would be to try as many things as you can, don’t be afraid to own two foundations at the same time, try one with a stronger coverage and one with less from different brands. Read product reviews on website’s like Paula’s Choice or Into the Gloss. Watch Youtube videos from professional make up artists and you’ll find out just how diverse are the products they wear on their clients, one minute it’s a 100€ foundation and the next is a concealer from Maybelline.

Spend your money well on products that are really worth it and save it on amazing products that will make you look as beautiful as the other one’s.



These are some of my favorite products and brands from the drugstore:







Physician’s Formula







If you’re curious about any of these products just let me know and I’ll write a review! What are you’re favorite drugstore make up brands?




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