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It’s a known fact that accessories, among those jewelry, can make the world of difference, you can look plain and just add some glitter shoes and huge necklaces and you become a style reference, take a look at Iris Apfel, she’s an american fashion icon that knows how to play with accessories like no one else in the world, you will understand how amazing the results can be if you follow her example. Pile up those rings and bracelts ( #armparty ) and have fun.

I love accessories and I tend to buy them in the same shops I buy my clothes, if you also do this then you will undestand how you can feel let down by you new rings the first day you wear them. It’s that feeling of looking at your green finger and your ” not-so-gold-anymore” ring and realizing that you just wasted your money and got you heart broken. This constant disapointment and waste of money made me stop buying accessories to the point of not having a single bracelet or ring to wear. Now I’m slowly investing in better pieces – you can actualy call them pieces of jewelry, I want better materials and a special design. You won’t need so many bracelets if the ones you have feel like little treasures. The best places to shop for these pieces are small jewelry atelier’s s of young artists. We’ve recently been seeing in Portugal a lot of these artists gaining notoriety via collaborations with bloggers and with their presence in local markets –  they are popping up everywhere and giving local designers, that don’t have physical stores, the chance of showing their work and finding new clients.

These are some of my favorite jewelry designers:



You can find them here, here and here.

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