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let's_talk_resort_collection_staygoldbyjvWhat are resort collections? Do we really need them? Let’s talk.

About five years ago these resort / cruise / holiday collections (whatever you wanna call them) were pretty much exclusive to high fashion brands that had world travelling clients that chased summer aroung the globe, escaping for warmer countries when winter arrived in the north hemisphere. You might think, why not just wear the clothes from the previous summer, you just stored them maybe two months ago? Well, if you consider re-using last summer clothes then you definitely aren’t the type of client resort collections are designed for, sorry. These special clients of high fashion brands are photographed in events during the hot season and attend multiple social gatherings that’s why they would rather dance around naked then being caught repeating a look in some exotic destination, that’s a big fashion “no, no“.

Resort was therefore, a collection of summer-y clothes that sometimes would be a preview what the designers were thinking for the next season. A few years ago only some brands dared to launch summer clothes in the peak of winter but now it’s a different story. I think that fashion brands (high and low) created the need in clients to have new things every few weeks, this “need for speed” created a monster that in the end lead some people to buy compulsively and stop enjoying each piece and trend. When you are constantly adding things to your closet you kill the need to re-invent looks with clothes you already own. If you have new dress to wear you won’t loose precious time trying to find a new way to wear that top from last summer. To feed the “monster” fashion gaigned speed and there was a profusion of these pre-season collections. These fast paced collections have already produced some victims like Raf Simons, that gave up the position as head designer at Dior because of the relentless pressure to come up with new ideas every few weeks.

Now resort collections don’t really fulfill any particular purpose, they’re just new clothes. Most brands also choose to present them in spectacular shows in foreign destinations and atypical venues, I think this is a move from the fashion houses to create a diversion, to not make you think about what you’re seeing (Winter collection? Summer? When will this hit stores? Do we need this?). Anyhow, we as customers have the final decision to buy or not to buy. You can just enjoy them and take inspiration from them, I think we’re gonna all realize in due time that there’s a limit to the clothes in you need in your life.




  1. I find that reducing the amount of clothes I have actually makes me feel better. I thought having more options was always what I wanted but with less, I get more creative and only stick to what works perfectly on me.

    Denton & Lou 


    1. Absolutely Megan! It’s the best way to get to know your own style.

      Btw, loved your blog!


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