LFW street madness

London has a special place in my heart, no doubt about it. Abou two years ago I went to London for the first time and immediately felt like one day I had to live there, there was something about the streets, the people, the feeling of the city that just resonated with my soul, for someone that loves the sun strangely I feel I have a British soul. That said, Londoners have the best street style I’ve ever seen, one more reason to love the city. I remember sitting in a cafe near Oxford Circus just “people-watching” and every other girl was just wearing pretty bad-ass looks and looking like Florence Welch, now imagine what the streets look like during fashion week, it’s pretty amazing.


Phil Oh

LFW_streetstyle_7Diego Zuko


Phil Oh

LFW_streetstyle_6Diego Zuko

LFW_streetstyle_8Diego Zuko


Phil Oh



Diego Zuko

Images via Vogue Runway and Harper’s Bazaar

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