Make up craziness

I’m having crazy make up cravings, I had this problem under control since the Too Faced palette but I’ve lost it! It’s official!

I’m telling you it’s not easy… I’m in the land of consumerism! It’s like make up grows on trees and you live in a forest of expensive trees and also super cheap trees. Ok, enough with the forest, I’m not making any sense right now because I trully feel high, just exploring is enough to make your heart beat a little faster. Again, It’s not easy to resist all of this and pace myself. I’ve decided to try out these twelve brands (high and low end) that I’ve heard so much about on youtube and magazines, in the near future I’ll start posting reviews on some of the products from these brands that I really want to try out. I’ll problably start with “drugstore” brands like Maybelline ( there are a lot of products that are not sold in Portugal), Phisicians Formula, Milani and so on, they have amazing 2 for 1 promotions so it’s a good chance to get to know these products and being able to pay your rent at the same time.



1 / Charlotte Tilbury      2 / Tarte      3 / Hourglass      4 / Maybelline      5 / Nars      6 / Stila      7 / Pixi      8 / Milani      9 / Physicians Formula      10 / Becca      11 / Laura Mercier      12 / Anastasia Beverly Hills





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