Marques ‘ Almeida FW16

This brilliant portuguese duo designer are a breath of fresh air in this pretentios environment surrounging fashion weeks. They play in the “big arenas” but they stay humble and original, their clothes feel like they are born spontaneously on the streets by the hands of teenagers tired of conventional clothes and stores, desperatly craving individuality. This free-spirited brand also puts aside all conventions in their shows and campaigns that are normally starred by Marta Marques’s sister and the models on runway are the designers friends.


Marques ‘ Almeida FW16 collection is focused on brightly colored outerware layered on top of over-oversized sweaters and belted shirts. I can tell that for some people this collection is not easy on the eye, judging by the comments on the Vogue Runway facebook but as the review on the website says: “what really stood out here was Marques and Almeida’s ability to push their exciting fashion ideas forward without losing a grip on reality.”


Images via Vogue Runway

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