My birthday, My Style!

Remember when I gave you some tips about finding your personal style? It’s time for me to take them and share with you my conclusions about my own sense of style. Get to know me better because… it’s my birthday!

First please go and read my post all about how important it is to discover your own style sense. Are you ready now? Let’s go on,

In the post I talk about some tips that can help you become more aware of how other people perceive you and your own preferences when it comes to fashion. I decided to follow these tips and write it all down for you to read. Let’s start!

Describe your style in five words


I actually thought this would be easy but it turns out it wasn’t and I actually took my own tip and just tried to remember looks I’ve worn and loved. It turns out that after doing that it was actually easy picking five random words to describe my style. I picked “Tomboy”, “Rocker”, “Clean”, “Trendy” and “Casual”.

“Tomboy” because I’m most comfortable in pants not skirts or dresses and because love to take a cue from the boys when it comes to the way clothes are tailored. “Rocker” because I’m that girl that grew up listening to rock and was able to get dressed on halloween as a rock band groupie from the 80’s without having to buy a single item, I mean… “Clean” because that’s where I tend to go naturally, I love a clean design and mostly clean looks but I also have my boho moments. “Trendy” because I love fashion and I follow it so it’s understandable that I’m influenced by trends and I actually follow them on a daily bases. Finally, “Casual” all-day-long and for almost every occasion. I would be so sad if my job demanded me to dress in a more formal or conservative way. For example, I will problably wear this velvet dress with jeans underneath for NYE because I don’t feel comfortable being too formal to too classic (yuk)!

Closet Assessment


I had a good look at my closet, that right now only has 1/3 of the clothes I own, the rest of it is on the other side of the Atlantic (sniff, snif). My most worn pieces this fall so far are problably the gingham skirt and top (my trendy side), my leather leggings, my jeans and my denim vest. These options confirm the previous words selected and just show that I was actually accurate in characterizing my style. Another thing that stands out from my closet overview is that the main colors present are black, grey, white and light pink (a recent obsession). There are a few print pieces but even during summer I prefer solid colors to prints.

Find Your Sources of Inspiration

my_style_4I just opened my pinterest (follow me here) and looked around my Style Board and quickly noticed that Leandra Medine, Sienna Miller, Pandora Sykes and Erin Wasson are my favorite fashion icons. I get my rock chic vibe from Erin, my trends love from Leandra and Pandora (I actually get so much more than that from these two fashion gurus) and from Sienna I just get everything. She’s that style inspiration that can make me start to love a trend I previously hated it, I just love everything about her and wish some kind of operation could transform me into her (cross your fingers).


Describe your favorite outfit



My ride or die look is actually the easiest part of this whole self discovering process. I’ve thought about this a couple of times and I would live for the rest of my live in black leather pants, brown suede chelsea boots, some kind of graphic t-shirt, preferably from a band I love and a cool blazer/biker jacket or vest. I can face the world with that look and feel that my clothes are representing myself in a very cool way.

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