My new favorite skirt

ootd_print_brick_wall_adidas_zara_1 ootd_print_brick_wall_adidas_zara_2

My new favorite skirt will give me the giggles for days and days to come. I’m gonna have to say it, “check” out my check skirt from Zara.

I had my eye on this print for a while but could only find loose, girly tops that just reminded me of table cloth but Zara did it, they gave us the perfect check statement skirt. Now, my love for this baby also had a lot to do with the top it was paired with on the website, remember what I said here about how a well styled looks could determine your online purchases, they guarantee that you fall in love with the clothes and just end up buying the entire look, and this was the perfect example of that – I bought the entire look #sorrynotsorry.


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