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New_in_shopping_beauty_nyx_maybelline_staygoldbyjvThese are my latest beauty finds.

During summer it can be hard to stick to a foundation because your color is always changing, one weekend you’re a ghost, the next you’re a red tomato and then a golden color starts to settle. I try to stay away from heavy fondations because you don’t really need that extra help in summer, your skin tends to have a healthy glow by itself.  The BB creams sound like a good idea at first but I never found one that I loved, they seemed to melt away during the day. I took a chance on this one from Maybelline because I heard great things about it. I’ll give you some feedback in the end of the summer but so far I really like it.

NYX lip products are a YouTube phenomenon, every youtuber owns a butter gloss or lip cream, some colors are extremely hard to find because of all of this hype. I visited their new store last week and brought these two lipsticks with me. I absolutely recommend them for everyone, they are extremely comfortable,the gloss is not sticky and the matte lip cream isn’t drying at all. They have amazing colors, I bought a nude (butter gloss in Tiramisu) that can work during the day and at night paired with a smoky eye, and I bought a matte deep pink with a hint of violet (soft matte lip cream in Prague)for those days I feel like making a statement, normally it’s about two days a year.


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