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My H&M x KENZO purchases were a great success, just what I wanted (except for the men’s t-shirt and sweater that were actually kind of cooler but hey… no regrets)!

Like I said on this post, I came across this collection almost by accident. Obviously I knew it was being launched but it never really picked up my interest. The night before I went on the website to take a look at the collection and immediately chose my favorites and commented that these items were the ones I would buy if I had the chance. The next day I actually had the chance, surprisingly I woke up at the right moment and the collection was available online, every size, every style. The few minutes it took me to get up, go to the computer, almost everything started to sell out. The men’s sweater and t-shirt I loved disappeared but I was actually happy because this sweater actually more interesting details like the ruffled neckline and the little gold tyger buttons (cuteness goals), I mean… Who can ask for more?

My second purchase was one of the clutches from the collection but I ordered it on H&M’s Portugal website, but my mother tells me it’s really beautiful, who’d say she would like such a flamboyant clutch. This neoprene bag (still available on the U.S website) has a really good size and it has the perfect prints (back and front) to be a stand out piece. A Kenzo clutch was something on my shopping list for a while now because I am that person that goes out during the day with a clutch, yes it’s not practical but my favorite bags tend to be these ones. They are fun, they add the final “punch” of color to any outfit and since they’re small you end up carrying only what you really need: a lipstick, your phone and your wallet in case you feel like buying another clutch.







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