New Year’s Eve Fashion Guide

Guess what? It’s December and everything is inundated with gift guides but I’m thinking ahead actually – your New Year’s Eve Fashion Guide is here!

Throughout this month I’ll be publishing some looks with my favorite pieces from a specific brand every week. I’m starting with the obvious – Zara. My last NYE looks all featured Zara items and sequins, except last year because I was barefoot on a beach in Mozambique (insert the raising hands emoji here)!

Something I noticed has become kind of a tradition is planning the NYE look ahead so I can ask for some the things I want for Christmas. I buy clothes all year around but I almost never buy proper evening wear because there are very few opportunities to wear it and actually all the best clothes come out around this time of the year so I wait. I buy or kindly ask to receive a special item like a bag or dress that I then wear on that special evening. Now, I actually don’t really like all the party-pressure surrounding that evening but I do like the fashion so I do my best to enjoy it and go crazy. When I say crazy I mean sequin-crazy, they’re my comfort zone on this night (yes sequins can be a comfort zone) but I also like velvet.

Here are three looks I would wear in a heartbeat!



Dress     /     Bomber     /     Clutch     /     Heels


Skirt      /     Handbag     /     T-shirt     /     Heels


Dress     /     Shoes     /      Earrings      /      Clutch     /     Pants

What are your favorite NYE looks?



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