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Find out my NYE Fashion Guide recommendations and this time we’re talking about beauty looks.

It’s getting closer and closer so this NYE Fashion Guide edition is all about beauty. New years eve is one of those occasions where you can go all in with clothes and make up. You can go for the bold eye look or the dark lipstick, you can even paired them together. Every time I have to choose a look for a special occasion I will always end up choosing between the same make up looks.

You should start the year looking like your best self so I have three of my favorite make up looks for you:


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Dolce Vita          /          Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Iluminating Highlighter           /          Maybelline Lipstick Color Sensational in Barely Brown

The brown smoky eye is one of my staples. It’s my go-to make up look. I’m so used to doing it that sometimes I do it during the day without noticing it. I choose to do it with mostly brown eyeshadows because it’s very flattering to my eyes but I have to say that I think it works for everybody, no matter your eye color or skin tone. It’s not as harsh as a grey smoky eye or even black and you can suit the brown shade to your liking. If you have lighter eyes you can go for red toned browns and that will make your eyes pop. If you have darker eyes a cool toned brown will also look amazing. This eye look also suits every outfit you might be wearing because it’s a neutral color.


Bobby Brown Highlighter in Bronze Glow        /          Burberry Eyeshadow in Pale Barley         /          Marc Jacobs Lipstick in Grape Sangria

This is probably the most difficult look to pull out. The dark lipstick is not for everybody but once again you can choose a darker color that is still in your comfort zone. This time of the year a berry toned lipstick is pretty much mandatory and I can guarantee you that you will get compliments on it. My tip for you is to try out different colors to find out which suit you best. Choose a matte lipstick because these darker colors in satin finish end up all over your face and with a matte color that won’t happen. Try to find a lip liner in the same shade to draw the line of your lips with more control and pair the lipstick with a sober eye look. Finish up the look with a warm highlighter to make sure your skin looks healthy. Darker lipsticks tend to give you a more severe look so you have to compensate with blush, bronzer and highlighter.


Smashbox Liquid Lipstick in Deep Red          /           L’Óreal Infalible Lacquer Liner In Black

This classic make up look requires more skill, it looks simple but it can be hard. Perfecting an eyeliner takes time but practice makes perfect so start doing it. Try to do it before you remove your make up, in a few days your winged liner will be amazing. After mastering the liner try to find your perfect shade of red. I know sometimes lipstick shades look exactly the same but they aren’t. To find your perfect shade watch this Lisa Eldridge video, it helped me a lot. Don’t forget to put some blush on and you’re done.


To find out how I do my make up for a night out check out the tutorial I did with my friend here and don’t forget to enter our amazing giveaway!

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