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The second edition of the NYE Fashion Guide is here and this time H&M is the queen of the night!

I was remarkably surprised with the “Party” section of H&M’s collection this year. I have to say, H&M is not my first choice to shop evening looks but maybe it’s time to change that. You can definitely put really elegant, classic evening looks but I went for more relaxed and sartorial choices.

I tend to be that person that is always complaining about how cold it is so why not layer a sequin dress with a long sleeve top, we’ve been doing it all summer so why not upgrade the look, right? The next look is a version of the look I’ve chosen for my NYE evening, I’ll be sharing the pictures with you here or on my Instagram (@joana_staygold). I wanna be comfortable because nothings worse then an uptight look that demands your most serious face and attitude all night long. Not for me! My mother knew that, she always made me wear shorts underneath my skirts because she knew I would end up climbing something and consequently flashing every kid in school so I’m updating my mother’s rule and wearing jeans under a dress. The final look definitely demands a poker face, that top does not agree with drunken clumsiness (you’ve been warned) but it’s so beautiful that you should take the risk.




Top                 /          Dress          /          Earrings          /          Boots          /          Bag


T-shirt          /           Dress           /          Earrings          /          Jeans          /          Sandals  


Jacket         /           Choker           /           Top           /           Pants           /           Mules

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