This is a comprehensive yeah you wish review of NYFW SS17 biggest highlights!

This year I have a whole new perspective, I’m actually here and I got a chance to walk by one the main locations of NYFW and being able to see all the commotion was simply thrilling (follow me on Instagram if you want to see moreeeee)! This is the only way I can sum up everything that happened in this edition, by doing a round up of my favorite trends, collections and some gossip.



Tommy Hilfiger built an amazing carnival along the pier at South Street Seaport to host the biggest show of the week. You could actually just go and see it, I missed it unfortunately but it was definitely one of the biggest events of the week, if you don’t count the terrible spectacle Kanye made of himself with the presentation of his new collection, just terrible, read it here. Now this TH show was all about Gigi and we have to say, this move to revive this preppy sportswear american brand with the girl of the moment seams to be working. Don’t you want that military jacket, I do?



The white and blue stripes that can convey a serious attitude to your outfit were already a coveted item this past Summer but I guess they will be returning for next summer, this time with maybe a more relaxed and flirty attitude.


This rave orchestrated by one of the most anticipated designers presenting in NYFW was a true extravaganza of different styles, metallic pastels, impossible platforms, holographic sequins and finally multi-colored dreadlocks that caused a major controversy. This infamous hairstyle was criticised for being a form of cultural appropriation. Well, I’m not an American and this means that I lack the necessary perspective that allows me to judge this situation but for me, I choose to see positivity. I see that same cultural aspect being honored by an amazing designer in the most uplifting way, but then again, I’m an outsider.



These collections being presented are meant to be sold next Summer so you would expect some colors to be prevailing but the truth is that yellow, the color of the fu***** sun, isn’t always present in SS collections.  I’m so happy that it ruled the runways this time, I’m a huge fan of yellow, I worship it!


Do I have to say anything? Don’t you feel warmer just by looking at these clothes? I feel like my tan is back and I need to go salsa dancing. I don’t now why because I really hate dancing that doesn’t entail jumping around with your arms in the air.


There’s always that Summer trend that ends up creeping through your Winter shopping. This will be mine. I want a crisp shirt dress to wear with black tights, combat boots and A: trench; B: leather jacket and C: green parka.


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