Orange is the new…

Orange is the new… well, you know where I’m going with this. 

This warm color isn’t really the type of color that jumps in your head when you think about popular colors. Try to remember the last time you heard someone saying that orange was their favorite color, never right? From a rust-y orange to a bright tangerine almost neon, this trend probably wont blend easily with other pieces in your closet but there’s no way around it, orange is here to stay, at least for this Spring and next Fall.

The fashion month is almost over so we can start to draw some conclusions about color trends for Fall Winter 2017. Warm is in! From warm browns to every shade of red, your accent colors for next season will be strong but welcoming. There’s something comforting about a really nice shade of warm brown leather, or a rust silk sweater. However, orange although technically a warm color, is actually kind of off-putting, at least for me. It’s not really great for every skin type and most people find it really hard to color coordinate it. I understand the struggle but if you feel like embracing this trend you’ll find amazing inspiration on runway looks. Balenciaga mixed orange and turquoise blue, Jill Sander mixed it with a pinky coral and Vetements mixed a neon orange with a beautiful shade of plum (wow!!).

Orange is here and it demands that you take risks with it. It’s the only way to do it this season!


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