Parsons School of Design, my new home!

Monday I’m starting a new course and I’m fulfilling a dream – studying at Parsons! Best Monday ever.

I was that girl obsessed with project runway that just was fascinated by the creative process behind the construction of clothes. That was fun but along with my fascination with designers, trends and fashion magazines it was just my hobby, something I loved to do never considering or even imagining that I could actually do that for a living. In my family you had hobbies and then you had you academic and professional career in Law, Medicine or Business. I also felt that way, that life would always converge in one of those three paths and everything else that I loved and enjoyed would be my pastime. Turns out I couldn’t do that, I did it for about seven years at the cost of my happiness and mental health.

The answer to “what the hell are going to do then?” question that everybody around me was asking was not easy to find. I couldn’t answer it, I just knew what I didn’t want to do. This is a common problem, most people I know make life decisions without loosing a single second thinking about if that’s what they want but that’s not what this post is about. I want to talk about the moment I started asking everybody around me what they thought I should do, what they thought were my strengths? (that’s how lost I was). I’ve said it here before about “finding your personal style”, sometimes you’re better off asking those around you, they probably know you better then you do yourself, although that shouldn’t happen. The answer was unanimous, fashion. They told me that’s what I was most passionate about in our conversations, my then boyfriend now husband told me that he always knew that because he would notice my drawings in my notebooks. Their answers felt strange, I felt they weren’t really helping me because I loved fashion but I didn’t exactly understand how that love would translate to a job that payed my bills and allowed me to travel. It took a long time for me to allow myself to believe that it was actually possible for me or anyone to work in this business and even more difficult, to believe that I had a calling to do it. Now I know it. Now I believe it’s going to happen because I’ll work as hard as I can to get there. The only thing standing between you and your dreams or goals is work, hard work. You work as hard as you can and you don’t let yourself give up until you get there. Even if that means that at 27 you’re still not doing what you want to do, because you’re gonna get there and when that happens who’s gonna care how old you are, you’re doing it!

Some years after deciding to start all fucking over again I’m here! I’m in New York studying at Parsons. (OPRAH reference: full circle moment or what?)


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