The pink coat and the missing leather pants

This post is an ode to my missing pants. Please return to me safe and sound.

I’m aware that the tittle of this post sounds like a strange thriller novel but lately I feel that my life would be great material for a very entertaining book. I regret to inform that these black faux leather loose pants are missing. I arrived in New York missing a bag and inside the bag were these babies. In the middle of this missing bag adventure I’m the lucky one because it was my man’s bag. He’s now missing all of his clothes (old and new) and I’m missing just a few pieces. Saying “just a few pieces” actually physically hurts. The missing clothes are all BRAND NEW, including my favorite Zara sequined bomber. I’m trying to stay positive but I feel like the air company is not really understanding the rage and shit storm I will bestow upon them if I don’t get my bag back. Meanwhile I have these pictures to get by, sniff sniff…

Everything else I’m wearing arrived safe and sound, including the cool Golden Goose look-a-like sneakers and the long pink duster coat.

Coat / ZARA  (similar)        Sweater / PRIMARK          Pants / ZARA           Sneakers / ZARA          Necklace / CINCO

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