About a year ago I discovered poscasts, I normally arrive late to these things, but now they have invaded my daily life, I listen to them while I’m getting ready in the morning, when I’m cooking (yes, I can cook, I’m officialy a grown woman), when I’m walking my dog and any other moment that I’m not watching Youtube or Tv.

I tend to listen to Podcasts from radio shows but I’m starting to discover podcast shows that are exclusively made for this new media outlet. Predictably, one of the first things I searched for were fashion podcasts and when I found out that Leandra Medine, A.K.A Man Repeller, had two podcasts I started having heart palpitations.

Oh Boy by Man Repeller


This Podcast is mainly about interviews with “cool women”, the subject can be fashion, children, religion, politics or anything else that comes to the table, no subject if off limits. It is hosted by the filmmaker Jay Buim, not by Leandra, but she participates in some episodes and when she does you can bet you will be entertained.

Monocycle with Leandra Medine


This is a more personal podcast, every episode is about a specific subject upon wich Leandra deliberates with her witty sense of humor and poignant points of view about life, fashion, career and feelings in general. It’s really gripping to see someone of your own age reflect upon life the way Leandra does, in particular if you love fashion like her and if you too understand the part that clothes play in all of our lives besides covering our bodies.

Check out these Podcasts and tell me what you think about them?

I know that when it comes to Leandra Medina I’m biased since I’m obsessed with her, but you can trust me, or not. Actually this post will be just another proof  that will be used on trial to sustain a restraining order to prevent me from following Man Repeller.

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