Simon Miller’s Bonsai Bucket Bag w/ Uptdate

This post isn’t just another ode to Simon Miller’s Bonsai bucket bag, although this little bag deserves it. This post is about the fact that I want to own everything that Simon Miller does.

Let’s start with the bags, these little handbags aren’t really appropriate for the New York subway, I wouldn’t dare to run around town with a totally open bucket bag. However, I would wear them to death back home where I run around in my car to meet friends for happy hour drinks (can you tell I miss Lisbon?). This is why it’s killing me to think that I didn’t buy the best “dupe” of this bag I’ve seen so far. Forever 21 made a black bucket bag with silver details that was just perfect and I saw three different times and I didn’t buy it three different times. Now it’s gone, obviously.

Recently I payed a visit to net-a-porter, where I go to day dream, when I realized that Simon Miller’s clothes and shoes are exactly what I want to wear all Summer, just check my Pinterest Summer board and you’ll see. His cropped wide leg jeans are amazing, especially the ones in a saffron shade. I can just imagine myself tanned with a great linen top, these jeans, my Proenza Schooler look-a-like Zara mules and my Simon Miller bag (big Aww).


Sandals     /      Birch Mini Black Tote     /      Bonsai 15 Bucket Bag     /       Bonsai 20 Bucket Bag     /    Cropped Frayed Wide-leg Jeans


Update – After writing this post I went to the city completely convinced I would find my budget friendly bucket bag and I guess it worked cause I found it hidden by other bags at Forever 21. It’s so cute!


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