For week three of the SOTW series we have something from ZARA.

Last week I was browsing through Zara with my mother when she noticed these beauties, she was all: “Oh I had shoes like that when I was younger”, and I was all: “OMFG I NEED THESE RED THINGS ON MY FEET NOW”. I didn’t buy them because fortunately I have gained some self-control over these impulses I have to buy shoes and since I bought these shoes last week I decided to take it slow… Now I can’t find them on the website and I’m very afraid this means they are sold out, I hope not because this would give strength to my dark side, I can already hear my little devil inside saying “I told you that you should have bought them, they are so red and cute… told you so”. 


Maybe they are sold out because miss Alexa trusted the shoe devil we all have inside of us. Oh well, as they say…


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