Spring in Black and White



Vest H&M (similar here)        Bag FOREVER 21 (similar here)        Shirt ZARA (similar here)        Jeans CALVIN KLEIN (similar here)         Shoes H&M

The face you make when you find out that tomorrow is raining and these shoes will have to be put away again…

This look for me is all about these black pointed kitty heel slingbacks, they’re kind of special. It’s that type of shoe that can elevate any outfit and your mood at the same time. Imagine one of those desperate mornings that nothing works, everything you own is on the bed and you’re on the edge of a “what is the meaning of life” crisis. When you’re almost hitting rock bottom you just realize that the answer is actually simple. A t-shirt, your favorite jeans and these shoes. They are that powerful that they can make any basic look work for any occasion. The other standout from this look is my beautiful linen vest from H&M. I wore it almost everyday last Summer and I predict the same will happen again this year.



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