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cleaning_routine1Spring is almost here, I’m already planing how to wear my mules and coral lipsticks, it’s never too soon to prepare for the next season. One thing usually associated with Spring is cleaning, normally it’s your house or closet but I’m thinking about my skin.

Lately my skin has deserved my full attention, I realized that the more I love make up the more I want to look good without it. I’ve read a lot of blogs, websites, magazines and I’ve watched every single video from Lisa Eldridge Youtube Channel and I now feel like I know what I have to do to ensure a plump and luminous skin with no imperfections. After reading a lot of things (tough I’m still no expert) I came to the same conclusion that Lisa has, the only thing you have to do to take care of your skin and prevent aging and damage is have a thorough and consistent cleansing routine.

If you can only do one thing then you should clean your skin at night and in the morning, everything else will depend on how free of impurities your skin is. You can moisturize all you want but if your pores are clogged what good will that bring?

If you don’t wear make up that should not stop you from cleaning your face because external factors like polution are also associated with aging. Removing those particles from you face will stimulate your skin to produce natural oils that help prevent wrinkles and moisturize the skin. This is especially important at night because as we know your skin cells regenerate at night.

You can read more about this here and here. So what is my cleansing routine?



This the part I hate the most, it only applies to those who wear mascara. I never wear waterproof mascara but there are some mascaras that are so hard to remove thoroughly that I opt to remove it first so that, if I don’t remove it completely with the specific eye make-up remover, I still have two more steps that can get rid of every black coat on my lashes, and at this point, my entire face.

There are two types of eye make-up removers, the normals and the ones with the double effect, I only use the last ones because they remove mascara better and they’re more gentle on your lashes because they have oils that melt away the product and you don’t have to rub it in, you just place a cotton pad on your eye and press it there for a few seconds and you’ll see how it removes every cote, the problem is that the mascara will run all over your face but you have STEP 2 and 3 to take care of that.


I’m using this Garnier Express 2 in 1 eye makeup remover and I just love it, gets the job done and doesn’t hurt my eyes in any way. I’ve tried the Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover and it’s also really good.




Remove all of those foundations, primers and powders you wore all day and also all of the polution particles that dance around in the air and then stick to our greasy faces. This feels amazing, I dare say it’s as good to apply make-up as it is to remove it.

I ALWAYS use some type of micellar water, this recent product was revolutionary in my cleansing routine. Micellar water is a formular made of micelles that are molecules suspended in water, according to Dr. Debra Luftman, a dermatologist and simple skincare expert,”Micelles are attracted to dirt, grime, and oil, and they draw out impurities without drying out your skin,”, you can read more about ir here.

 I don’t know why but it always felt so discomnfortable using cleansing milks or wipes, I would always end up getting it on my hair or on the floor because the milky product would slip sway from the cotton pad, maybe it was just me but I didn’t like it. With Micellar water I just clean my whole face without leaving it greasy or dry, I feel like I’m just cleaning my face with water but miraculously all of my make up is disappearing, it does not sting, it doesn’t have any color or smell and in the end my face feels as fresh as if I had just washed it with simple water. I can even use it in my eyes and that for me is huge because I don’t have the patience to be extremely careful to avoid the “eye area” when using a certain product, that cotton pad is all over my face when I’m taking my make up off.


I’m currently using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and it’s perfect, I haven’t felt the need to try any other micellar water despite all the rave about Bioderma’s Crealine H20 Solution micellaire. I’m sure it’s perfect but it is not possible to work any better on my skin, I think. Also, I follow one important “Lisa rule” (lets make this a thing), If the product isn’t supposed to stay on your skin then you don’t have to invest too much on it. Make up removers are only here to remove make up, they should erase any trace of anything from your skin without removing the coat on your skin that exists to protect it and without stinging etc, etc… After all of this you have to wash your face, removing the removers, so what’s the point of “waisting” all your money on products that are there temporarily, spend it on serums, masks, moisturizers, treatments any products that are supposed to be absorbed by your skin.



This is that step that your mother has been telling you to do since you were old enough to reach the lavatory, wash your face. It’s the best way to wake up and it’s also the only way to make sure that everything has been removed with all those products you’ve used before, including the products themselves. You can wash your face with water but if you wear make-up you know that, despite all of this effort, you will still find traces of it when you dry your face on a towel.


I chose to buy a specific product to wash my face that was as gentle as possible, to soothe the skin after all of that rubbing and cleaning. This one from The Body Shop is really good, I love the feel it leaves on my skin.


Another thing you can use with your cleanser is the famous Konjac sponge, it softly exfoliate your skin and for those seconds you feel like you’re in a Spa. I recommend you buy a new one every two months or less so that you don’t spread bacteria all over your face instead of cleaning it.

 That’s it! This process only takes me about five minutes and it changed the appearence of my skin, so don’t forget to:

  • Be thorough, make sure you remove every trace of make-up
  • Always wash your face after you remove your make-up
  • Do this every day without exception, in the morning and at night


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